Top Career Options for Music Fans

Are you one of those people who are always frequenting music concerts or humming some tune? You can, believe it or not, turn your passion for music into a rewarding career. Here are some career options for avid music fans. See if you might find one that strikes a chord with you.


Song Writer

Even the most decorated musicians rely on music composers. Elton John, for instance, is known to have worked with an acclaimed songwriter known as Bernie Taupin. A music composer should have a background in music, and preferably a degree in literature and creative writing.



If you are into throwing down a dope playlist using turntables or mixers, the chances are that you can make a good DJ. Talent is not enough; you need to learn the trade.


Concert Organizer

An incredible amount of effort goes into organizing music concerts. Concert organizers should be able to access top talent, mobilize resources, and market the concert. Being a part of this process goes a long way in serving others and is an opportunity to make money.


Music Therapist

Music therapists are tasked with the responsibility of using music to improve senses and their overall well-being. Music fans in the care-giving industry, in particular, can make decent music therapists.