Musicians Need to Be Healthy

A lot of people probably think how great it must be to be a musician, with all the travel involved and adoring fans. However, being a musician is a very strenuous occupation that requires plenty of physical fitness to allow them to perform to the best of their abilities. Musicians are also prone to mental illness problems, and are said to die 25 years younger than the average population because of the impact of their lifestyles. In fact, being healthy is not just physical, it involves mental and social aspects as well.


To be physically fit means getting proper exercise, a healthy diet and plenty of hydration and sleep. All of the top performers today are extremely serious about their physical health, taking particular care with their exercise and diet regimes. Not only are these necessary for a healthy life, they are vital for today’s musicians with their highly physical, multi-hour stage performances. Indeed, a musician’s career will last longer if they stay physically fit.

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Musicians suffer an extraordinarily high level of mental illness, so they need to be very aware of this aspect of their health. Being physically fit benefits mental health because of the endorphins that are released during exercise that helps to reduce stress levels. Getting enough sleep is also very important not only because of the short term benefits (increased energy levels, better decision making, less likely to get sick), but also because long term sleep deprivation can actually cause depression. It is a good idea to develop a daily routine to keep you grounded, and try to have a hobby outside of music to give your mind a rest.


Musicians need to be healthy socially, connecting to the outside world and the people in their lives. Touring can be an extremely isolating experience, being away from friends and family. It is important then for musicians to keep in contact with their friends and family by regular chats and video calls. They should also have a supportive network that they can fall back on, and not be afraid to reach out of they feel that they need help.

All of us need to healthy physically, mentally and socially. However, for musicians this seems to be even more important considering their lifestyle.