Buying a Microphone

So you are in the process of setting up your home studio, and you feel like the microphone is the only thing that is lacking. You then need to realize that buying a microphone is the first step to capturing those big moments. You undoubtedly need the right mic, and here are some factors worth considering.


Understand the Nature of Your Recording

What type of songs will you be recording most often? Knowing what you will be recording is essential in helping you find a microphone that suits your needs. If you play the guitar, for instance, you should be looking for a microphone that will help you mic up those amps. On the other hand, you need to pay attention to your singing style.


Recording Environment

It is worth noting that the recording environment does determine the kind of microphone you should have. Any wrong choice can end up hurting your vocals. Microphones used in a vocal room are undoubtedly different from those that are recommended for untreated rooms.

Buying your first mic should not be something to stress over. These tips should help you get started, but you also need to do your homework as far as evaluating the technical features is concerned.