Finding Quality Speakers

Good speakers are essential to getting a fantastic audio experience. As much as you might invest in quality CDs or AV receivers, your entire home theater set up will not be complete without quality speakers. Investing in a good speaker makes all the difference between cramped audio and a clear concert-hall sound.


Getting the right speaker is not just about looking at brand names. You need to look at some specific features, and here are two features to look at.


Frequency Range and Balance

The frequency range describes the range of sound that the speaker can produce. A wide frequency range essentially means that the speaker can reproduce both the highest highs and lowest lows. This extended frequency range is desirable, but it should not compromise the frequency balance.



You also need to assess the volume a speaker can produce. Evaluating the volume of the speakers requires you to understand how you like enjoying your music and how the speaker performs. Some speakers are great at low volumes, while others get alive when they are played loud. A well-designed speaker, however, should perform well at both low and high volume.