Music Education: How to Start Studying an Instrument

The Instrument

Choosing the right instrument may not be an easy task. Sometimes music students start with the piano and then move to the guitar. Keep in mind that a musical instrument has to “resonate” with you, this means that you have to choose the one that inspires you the most.

Pianos and guitars are polyphonic instruments, so you’ll have a great time with them even if you play on your own. Drums, bass and brass instruments are best enjoyed when you play within a band or an ensemble.

Find a Music School or a Private Teacher

Online do-it-yourself tuition may be a cheap option, but not the best one in the long run. You need a tutor to teach you not only music theory and instrument technique but also the right attitude. Posture is essential, as a wrong approach may result in bad performance and eventually lead to the development of osteoarthritis symptoms or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Practice Your Instrument

Becoming a good performer takes years of constant study. That’s why you don’t have to be impatient and think that the results will come easy. On the other hand, your commitment and everyday work will be rewarded.

You don’t have to become a professional musician to thoroughly enjoy playing an instrument. Still, it’s crucial, for a more satisfying experience, that you have a systematic approach. You’ll achieve your goals faster, and you will be able to keep your motivation high.