Why You Should Take Care of Your Skin if You are a Musician

Professional musicians have busy lives. Their job leads them to late nights, little exercise, and random meals. Even if you are just an amateur, you have probably experienced extreme fatigue after a gig, especially if you have to wake up at seven to commute to your day job. Among other things that we can do to keep healthy and fit, musicians should pay extra care in nourishing their skin, with particular focus on their face and hands.

Skin Care: Start From Your Face

Late nights, heavy make-up, fatigue, and (positive) stress; this mixture of ingredients is a potential disaster for your complexion. To fight aging, wrinkles, and dull-looking skin, use a quality hydration serum and, as part of your beauty routine, apply it regularly every day. Make-up tends to dry out the skin while sweating and stress can cause rashes and poor appearance. The oils contained in the hydration serums can prevent skin problems by nourishing and smoothing out your complexion and acting as a barrier from external agents.

Look Good on Stage

Especially if you are the band’s frontman, the audience will be focused on you for most of the show. It is crucial to keep your good looks, even if you feel tired or if your twenties are long gone. The music business is very competitive. It’s no mystery that attitude (together with skills) and the right looks can go a long way.

The Musician’s Hands

Performing musicians face several possible injuries during their careers. Most of these conditions are related to their hands, such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and different kinds of contractures. Nourishing and taking care of the hands should be a must. Time should be devoted each day to massage a good-quality nourishing and moisturizer cream from the wrist up to the fingertips.